My Delightful Auckland Casino Adventure

Delight Cafe New Zealand

There is just so much you can do in Auckland. Every time I decide to go to the city for a nice weekend I end up not doing half the things I had planned. I just get distracted easily or have too much fun somewhere and then I don’t want to leave. My last weekend trip followed the same exact pattern despite my determination to do things differently this time around.

I got up early and decided to check out Delight Café & Restaurant located in Mitchelson Street. It’s a cool little place that I’ve been eying for some time now but never got the chance to visit. So, I figured I’d start the day with a cup of coffee and breakfast here.

The moment I sat down and started going through the menu I knew I didn’t make a mistake by coming here and my gut feeling was right about this place. Delight Café offers a great range of food options and they all look super-tasty. I ended up having their special type of pizza that just looked out of this world. I know some will say that mornings aren’t the time for pizza but I disagree – it’s always the right time for a pizza, especially the one as delicious as this.

Sky City Casino

Going to Sky City Casino

Once I finished eating, I was sipping on my coffee and browsing the phone for the next place to visit. The day was already starting to get away from me and I was getting the same old feeling that I won’t get through my to-do list. Oh, well…

After careful deliberation, I decided it was time to finally pay Skycity Casino a visit. Although I’m no stranger to gambling and I enjoy playing pokies as much as the next person, I usually stick to online casinos. I just find the whole experience more rewarding, especially for the wealth of promotions you can get. If you want more info about that, I recommend this page for the latest casino bonuses.

But, today was about adventure, so I made my way to Skycity armed with positive vibes, a few hundred dollars in my pocket, and clear determination to have a good time no matter what.

Winning at the Slots

I must admit Skycity Casino Auckland left quite an impression on me. The floor is covered with video slots and the moment you enter inside, you’re just grabbed by the atmosphere. It’s much different to playing online, that much I can say, but it’s something you need to get used to as well. All the noise, the shouting, and big win sounds make you feel like you’re inside a different galaxy altogether.

Undeterred, I found a machine that looked inviting after walking around for quite a while and took my position. At first, things looked pretty bleak, as my first couple of hundred was gone in under an hour. But on my third attempt, only a few spins in, the game landed not four but three scatters and triggered the free spins round win big win multipliers.

As is often the case, the whole bonus got down to one big spin – but what a spin it was! This was a new slot that I’ve never played before so I didn’t quite know what to expect but when the countdown was over, the total win was over $500!

I’ve decided not to push my luck too far, having recouped my losses and making a hefty profit as well. After a few spins “for luck”, I cashed out and made my way to the exit. On my way out, I picked up a flyer letting me know that I could play Skycity Casino online as well. It’s probably not hard to guess what happened later but that’s a story for another time.